Did you know companies that promote collaborative working are 5 times as likely to be high-performing? In fact, according to recent studies, those that succeed in creating collaborative cultures have team members who:

  1. Persisted 64% longer on a challenging task
  2. Reported greater engagement in and enjoyment of the task
  3. Experienced lower fatigue
  4. Reported a higher success rate

So are you fostering collaboration that fosters the greater good for your team? Let's talk about The X Factor: Collaborative Leadership. This week on Coffee with Rhonda Show join us at the coffee table with co-hosts Mirielle Toulekima and Roz Jones is Special Guest Patrick Aylward.

About Patrick: I offer a fresh approach that you can use each and every day at home, at work, or in your community so that whatever you do, you can find better solutions to your problems, build stronger relationships and skip the tension, drama, and conflict that commonly occurs.

Contact Patrick: https://www.collaborativepath.ca _______________________________________________________________________________________

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