What do workplace goals, co-worker conflict, team performance, and personal boundaries all have in common? You. Every one of them is influenced, impacted, guided, and directed by you. Leadership is a powerful force and it all begins with the GIFT of self-leadership.

Let’s talk about it over coffee with Tim Johansson and Casey Lankow.

About Tim and Casey:

Dr. Casey Lankow, Psychologist & Chief Psychology Officer and Dr. Tim Johansson, Chief Executive Officer - Co-hosts of the Psychology at Work Podcast - are co-founders and creators of the A Deeper Way Model and Assessment which is all about creating meaningful contexts where people understand how the security of their identity impacts conscious action in each moment. For over 15 years, they have consulted with organizations, offering tools and services that leverage the art and science of psychology to help organizations more effectively hire, manage, and develop their people. In addition to their own consulting work, they also certify consultants, coaches, and people professionals in the A Deeper Way Framework & Assessment - equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to help their clients unlock their potential and create lasting, enduring growth and development.

Learn more at adeeperway.com

Podcast: https://psychologyatwork.buzzsprout.com/

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The Dream Life Roadmap: 10 Essential Factors for Living Your Dream Life

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Are You Out of Your _____ Mind? A Woman’s Guide to Successfully Surviving Infidelity

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