Remember when you were young, and you played follow the leader? Well, this is the phenomenon for emotions and your physical health. Where your emotions go, your physical health often follows. So, how are you really feeling these days? Beyond the customary, “I’m fine.”

On this week’s The Coffee with Rhonda Show, we explore the importance of Prioritizing Your Emotional Well-Being and the implications for leaders who don’t. Our Caffeinated Cohosts Roz Jones and Mireille Toulekima are coming to the Coffee Table and ready for this week’s Special Guest Aleasa “Mz. Word” Word.

About Mz. Word:

Aleasa Word is a certified emotional intelligence practitioner, EQ assessor, coach, inclusion/equity consultant & speaker. Ms. Word engages in deep-dive conversations and trauma-informed coaching practices to reframe limiting beliefs, empower individuals, improve leadership effectiveness and shift organizational culture. _______________________________________________________________________________________ FREE GIFT COMPLIMENTARY DOWNLOAD: Promoted: The Guide to Landing Executive Level Positions:

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